MY Biography

About my Experience

Mr. Bauer holds a Master of Music and Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance from Boise State University, at which he regularly performed with the Symphonic Winds Concert Band, University Orchestra, and Jazz ensembles. Since 2017 Mr. Bauer has taught private lessons and masterclasses in the Treasure Valley to students across all ages and varying levels of experience.

As a performer, Randy is well-versed in both classical and jazz trumpet styles and has a reputation of excellence in all areas of music. He began his career in 2017, performing with the Meridian Symphony Orchestra and the local post-rock group Oceans Are Zeroes on their debut album. In 2018 Randy appeared in various Boise Music Week productions and as a sub with the Boise Philharmonic. He went on to join the festival company at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival for their 2019 season.

Mr. Bauer is committed to maintaining a versatile approach to trumpet performance practice and pedagogy and sharing this approach with his trumpet studio.

As a young trumpet player I faced many obstacles in my playing due to poorly established habits and an unsuitable embouchure. I loved being a band kid, but no matter how long I practiced I struggled to perform. This continued into the first year of my undergraduate degree.

At the end of my first year I made the leap to change my embouchure and establish new habits that would serve me better in my pursuit as a trumpet player. The subsequent months after the change were difficult, but through slow, thoughtful practice I relearned how to play, this time with appreciably better habits and less tension. My experience has given me a unique insight and passion for helping other trumpet players avoid the same mistakes I made.

Address all facets of trumpet playing in lessons to foster holistic growth.

Familiarize students with a variety of trumpet methods and teach critical thinking skills, which can be applied in their own daily practice.

Create a personalized practice routine based on the performance goals and skill level of each student.

My musical pursuit is to diversify my knowledge in areas of jazz and improvisation. I plan to become more active on social media and use it as a platform to showcase the music I’m currently learning, or groups I’m performing with.